Challenge coin holder

Yeah, thingiverse has some challenge coin holders but they weren’t quite what I wanted so I drew this one in onshape and 3d printed it for my tiny collection:


Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this as well!
Curious if you or others have any interesting stories for challenge coins you’ve acquired?

Here’s the thingiverse if you like mine!

You know… I’m not a veteran so I realize these aren’t “real” challenge coins, but the idea has kind of taken off for various causes and groups, and that’s why I have these. My stories aren’t great to the world. But they’re meaningful to me, I could tell you about every experience and person who lead me to own one of these. Getting to know the various historians, non-profit workers, star trek podcast geeks, airplane mechanics in the world… that’s been my life.


I do like that staggered display layout!

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