CGI is getting pretty good

I got this in the mail today from Andrew Price. Hard to tell CGI from reality. Incredible, especially for us older folks. If you click through, you can see the animation and more details.

The most photorealistic CG face animation I’ve ever seen

It’s getting to the point where even professionals can’t pick what’s CG. And for a human face (the final boss level of difficulty) this creation by Marco Di Lucca is quite the achievement. Check out his other animations of Aliyah and Walter White.

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Check out metahuman. A hyper realistic human generator.

MetaHuman Creator - Unreal Engine

These computer generated models are tweaked with sliders. The new unreal engine itself is apparently incredible as well. Small Indy teams of 2 to 4 people have created realistic animated feature length movies with it. The crazy part of unreal engine is it’s real time rendering. All movie cgi is prerendered on super powerful servers/render farms, but unreal was built for video games so must render in real time. They’ve developed technology that automatically reduces the polygon count depending on the distance from the “camera”, along with real time ray traced lighting, physics engine, etc. All of it comes together to make amazingly realistic real time video.

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