Certificate of Occupancy Master Task List

Please note @stnick’s caution below that permits are not yet in place for this work. Some things like general cleanup can be done, but other things must wait for the permits. If you don’t know if a task can start work, ask the BMWG lead for that project.

Items that are ready for work have been marked in ** Bold Asterisks **



Monty, Jimmy, David Vogt
Permits are being pulled by David.


  • Egress Emergency Lights
  • Power to 5 drinking fountains.
    – ** Keep the marked areas clear of debris and installation-ready **



Jai, Matt.
They are pulling permits.


  • Install impervious coating or cover over the brick wainscoting in south bathrooms.
    – The coating material is being sourced.
    – Still need applicators (brushes, rollers, whatever is correct for the epoxy that is chosen)
    – Potentially need smaller containers or roller pans as well.
    – Painters tape for masking
  • Rehab 6 toilets, 5 for women’s south bathroom, 1 for men’s.
  • Install 1 ADA toilet in each of the south bathrooms
  • Install 3 ADA sinks in each south bathroom
  • Rework all stall panels for ADA
  • Fix wall and floors from urinal removal
  • Install 3 new urinals in south bathroom
  • Install 5 drinking fountains.
    – ** Keep area clear and installation-ready **
  • Convert store room in office area to ADA bathroom with sink.
    – ** Install wider door frame and door. **
    – ** The removed frames of other doors are in the new bathroom and will need some trimming to be ready for installation. **



He will be pulling permits.


  • Install fire doors
    – ** Remove/reroute the low voltage CAT5/PA wiring in the way of the new openings. **
    – Reroute electrical conduit
    – ** Cut back chalk/cork boards **
    – Cut openings to accommodate 72" door
    — Hang plastic to limit cleanup area
    – Install fire doors
  • Construct fire walls for metal shop and wood shop
    – ** Frame in for hanging drywall **
    – Hang drywall, mud tape etc. (Must wait for approval)
    – Fill through holes for smoke barrier.
  • Repair ADA parking pad
    – Level
    – Repair cracks
    – Re-stencil markings
  • Fire extinguishers.
    – Install in locations marked on map, plus one each in both sides of woodshop/metalshop.
    – 10# ABC
  • Install signage required by Fire Code
  • Dumpster screen
    – No more than 6’ tall
    – I-beams have been donated.
    – Bollards to protect building plus 1 to protect screen
  • ** Clean up boiler room **
    – Remove old unused circuits, save the copper
    – Security will clean up the work at the top of the stairs
    – ** Make the rest clean and organized **
  • ** Clean up the dust/dirt/loose tiles marked in the Ceramics room. Ask @stnick for details. **



Mark Satoria
Need a Mechanical Contractor to pull permits for hydronic system


Based on the couple times I’ve showed up and tried to find something to do and discussions with @Jimmy and @heathenfire79 last night, I want to have a central resource for volunteers on CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY tasks. I’ve dug through threads and the drive and can’t find a good list of things that must be done before Feb 1 for the CO. I’d like to be able to say I’m in town for a couple hours and have time to volunteer, what’s something I can do at Booth?

So please reply to this thread ONLY with CO related tasks. If it doesn’t NEED to be done before then we can keep it in the move in tasks spreadsheet or make another thread. I will pull items from responses and make a list in this top post. If they are huge projects, I will work with whoever knows about them to break them up into manageable sub tasks.

@jameslancaster, @David, @stnick, @alysajaunice, @rustin.atkeisson if I make it to Booth tonight and you are there I will try and track you down and get whatever task items you have directly or have you point me to the correct people. I will be bringing some colored paper to make lists and post them directly in the places where things need to be done, that seemed to work well for the last move.


I moved it to General but it would not allow me to make the tag move or new building.

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CO Tasks

Electrical: Fire Code: Egress Emergency Lights. Power to 5 Drinking Fountains

The BMWG ead on this is Monty with Jimmy and David Vogt. David will be pulling the permit, and are assuming the liability for correct installation.

Plumbing: Install Impervious coating or cover to the brick wainscotting. South Bathrooms
Remove finned radiator cover and unit from Women’s Bathroom on South Hall as was done in the Mens room. Accessibility Clearance.
Then Rehab 5 toilets for the Ladies room in the South Bathroom
Rehab one toilet in the mens Men’s Room in the South Bathroom.
Install 1 WC Accessible toilet in both bathrooms in the South Bathrooms
Install 3 sinks in each South Bathrooms meeting accessibility guidelines under ADA.
Rework stall panels to meet accessibility guid=lines around all stools.
Remove 4 foot urinals from South mens bathroom. (all 6)
Fix wall and floor details pending.
Then Install 3 new urinals.

Install 5 accessible drinking fountains. 1 bi-lwwl on each hall and a standard single by the office.

Convert store room in the office area to a Wheel Chair Accessible bathroom, with sink.

The BMWG Leads on this are Jai our GC; and Matt our Plumber.
They will be picking up the fixtures, pulling the permit and are assuming the liability for correct installation.

General Work:

Fire Door Installation.

Fire Wall Construction:: Cover the glass block and wood above the concrete block wall on the corridor side of metal shop and wood shop. 1 hour fire wall. 2 layers 5/8 type X sheetrock both mudded and taped.

Exterior ADA Parking pad." Bring up to ADA standards of Level, repair cracks and re stencil ADA Markings

FireExtinguisher: Install and provide appropriate signage for required numbers. Hand a temporary sign for any locations that will be filled with an extinguisher moved over from 1500. All must be 10# rated ABCD Plus we will bring a smaller CO2 unit near the lasers when they move. Not required by Code, but by the manufacturer and our Insurance company, David is handling this!

Signage. Install minimal signage as required by Fire Code. (essentially ADA).

The BMWG Lead on this are Jai our GC; He will be pulling the permit and are assuming the liability for correct installation.

Mechanical (HVAC) Provide heat to west wing. This is planned to use the steam system converted to hot water. New Pex piping.

Mark Satoria is the BMWG Lead on this. A Mechanical Contractor must pull the permit and provide any required drawings.

Required by our Zoning is a dumpster screen, no more than 6 feet tall. We need to install Bollards to protect the building and one to protect the screen. Frank got the I-Beams donated in the Maint room for that purpose. We had an 811 marking done in November It will have to be redone. 4 foot post holes for the I Beams required.

Boiler Room Cleanup. Many of the old, obsolete and unused circuits there have been removed, more remains. We are saving the cooper. (It will probably be melted and a Maker Item will be made).

Security will be cleaning up their work at the top of the stairs and covering the panels. The rest of us need to make the= resrt of the Boiler Room neat and looking organized. All trade inspectors will be in there and setting the tone about the quality of work they will see elsewhere will start or end there. Ask our Plumber, Electrician or GC about how inspections can turn on the individual inspector. In addition to building trades, we will have a Fire Marshal Inspection. This is a commercial building and will receive a commercial level inspection. Do not try to compare a residential inspection to a commercial one.
All permits will undergo a plan review before being issued.

This list covers the points and provides some detail. It is not a level of detail that is needed to actually do the various tasks. It has bee worked over by the BMWG, the Board and our Architect We think it will work.

So come out tomorrow and see what we hae.

There has been a list in orange Dry Erase on the White Board outside room 7. These are items that need to be done, many do not directly reflect on the CO use, but are important. (IReplace broken windows for example.)

Finally, Fundraising has made several requests for material, help and assistance. Some have been received and some are pending. if a task seems to be going slow, perhaps we are waiting on a local business to finish committing to donating the work.



@stnick and others, I’ve updated the list and put details where I could. Most actions are obviously waiting on the permits, but if there are items that are incorrectly marked as ready/not ready to start let me know.

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If you want to help, there’s a good chance someone is down at the building especially in the evenings.

We definitely need help with the demolition work needed in rooms 11 thru 14.
-Scaffolds are setup in rooms 11 and 12
-Still need to remove the glass block in room 12 and 14 (all it takes is knocking out the bottom row of glass and the middle vertical row with a 5lb sledge, but recommend safety glasses, dust mask and gloves)
-Need to remove/reroute low voltage conduit that will be hanging in the middle of the door way (CAT5 and PA system)
-Need to re-route conduit for electrical outlets that will be in the way of the doorway
-Need to cut back chalk board/cork boards from what will be hanging in the middle of the doorways of room
-Once the glass block is cleaned out of the rooms, then I would suggest we go ahead and take the doors off.
-After all that is done, then we can look at borrowing a concrete saw to widen the doorways.

It looks like we can go ahead and frame in the open spaces in room 11 and 13, but we’ll need to hold off for now on putting up drywall.


Rusty, when you get a chance could you mark with tape/paint where the doorways are going to be cut so anyone working on adjusting the CAT5/PA/Chalkboards knows where they need to be moved from/to?

There’s already blue tape on all 4 rooms, but I may need to move the tape on 14. I might run tape the whole height if I get time tomorrow.


Now I see it, didn’t notice it in the photos first time. Thanks!

The urinals have been removed from the kiln closet!

Well, they’re still in there, but they’re not attached to anything anymore.



Thanks! There’s currently a trailer outside the building for scrap building materials (not for general trash!), I think the broken urinals should go straight into the trailer, and the whole ones too unless someone thinks we can get some money for them? @Logan might have the best knowledge there.

@pwhutchi Would extending the drains up to floor level and filling the hole with concrete for a nice smooth surface work for you? Having six small drains might be easier to do than a long narrow floor drain, considering the holes are already there

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Was going to talk to the plumber tomorrow (if he’s there) about whether or not a typical restaurant-style floor drain can fit in the space available now that the urinals are removed so we can indirectly plumb the sink in the kiln room. I don’t believe there is a need for additional drains beyond that. Certainly not six of them.


Patrick, when you say restaurant style drain are you talking about the 6" or 8" big circle or square drains that kinda fit in the space of a ceramic floor tile, or are you talking one of the long trough style ones that are narrow but several feet long?

Basically this:

Or this:

Or something else?

In the kiln room, since the floor is open, something like this, not a trough. If we needed a trough… something is wrong.

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Well the trough I’m talking about is just like 3-4" wide but several feet long. You see them a lot in public showers, or places where they intend to hose down the floor to clean it. I think what I’m getting at isn’t strictly about what is NEEDED but what is easy and available that will be at LEAST enough, and if it ends up being overkill, no harm done. Whether 6 drains are needed, there are 6 openings that either need to be filled (is just dumping concrete in an open drain kosher or do they need to be properly capped?) or used. If using them is as cheap as capping them, why not? (and that’s not a rhetorical why not, is there actually a reason having more drains would cause problems?)

The drain in your picture makes sense though.


Holy mother of plumbing products they’re expensive. Although the one in the picture looks like it’s plastic. This is just all HD had, and it’s cast iron with porcelain.

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I think Menards has a PVC one that’s under $100. Again, I hope to talk to the plumber again this evening to sort out what we can and can’t do and what he recommends.

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P.S. I don’t mean for that to sound bitchy; it’s lunch time and I’m starving! Thank you @SamSchurter for all you’re doing to keep things moving.


I have half a pizza left over here at Booth. What am I talking about? You work in a food bank!

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Given the prices we have discussed over the past tew months from local or online suppliers, compared to the actual prices our licensed contractors have been getting, Electrical and Plumbing, there is no question we should buy those via the plumber.
They also are not part of the CO but part of the 2nd phase. Still knowing how the floor in the kiln room and the men’s room on South Hall will look like with a floor drain is of value. The men’s room floor drain is required for the CO.