Ceramics Studio Move Schedule

This thread will serve as the info point for all things related to the move of the Ceramics Studio to it’s new home at Booth. You can check the schedule here for the most current updates.


The schedule is dependent on our progress towards receiving our Certificate of Occupancy from the city, which is dependent on approval of our Code Plan, and our ability to receive permits to do the work needed to receive our CO. So… it’s TENTATIVE and subject to FREQUENT CHANGE. I’ll keep the Google Sheet linked above with the best information I have. If you have any questions, please post them here.

Most of the tasks listed are holding until we have finished applying the epoxy to the floor in the studio and allowed it the time necessary to cure. That work is dependent to some degree on the weather.


I’ve updated the schedule, here’s a quick look and you can click through the link to see the spreadsheet directly.

Important Notes / Updates:

@David has an important meeting with the city tomorrow (Wednesday 3/4) afternoon which will likely impact this schedule and I’ll update as necessary. Send all of the good vibes you have his way at about 3:15 tomorrow.

As you may have seen in the New Building topic, the floor received it’s second second coat of epoxy and fashionable sprinkles this past weekend! This is an important milestone for us as we can now start doing work in the room itself to prep for the new studio and the move. Immense thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! :heart:

Consulting with the contractor who is doing the radiator covers, the original plan to disassemble and re-purpose the existing large wooden shelving unit from the old studio to put under the windows for our ‘locker’ storage area for members has changed. We’ll be building a new set of shelves for that space so lockers don’t need to be cleared out this weekend as originally scheduled. This will certainly make it easier on folks and we’ll have more time for you to move your things to their new shelf/locker if you are one of our locker-renter-maker-ceramicist people.

Thanks to everyone for ramping down the production of new greenware this past weekend and to those of you who have already been cleaning up your little corner of the studio. We all appreciate your work in helping getting the move process started. We hope to keep disruption to a minimum so everyone can keep making the beautiful things we’re all used to seeing come out of the studio.

There are plenty of tasks that need to be completed at Booth, and there’s an extensive list of them on the wall over there to choose from. There’s someone at the building from 12-6 M-F, Wednesday evenings till 9, and many other times. Once we get our permits from the city to start electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work, we’ll be moving fast and in need of volunteers so please, stay tuned to the forum on this crazy ride as we get closer to moving into our amazing new home!


I’ve updated the schedule matrix:

My rough plan for the next 10 days, subject to progress on plumbing and electrical:

3/14 - 3/15: This Saturday and Sunday

  • Cleaning and packing in the studio on Douglas! I want to clean, organize, and pack up all of our gadgets and gizmos and whatnots and get them ready to take to Booth. I’ll be at the studio starting at Noon on Saturday 3/14 for folks who want to join in on the fun, and we’ll work however late folks want, maybe even order some pizza. Mmm, pizza! Sunday I can be in earlier if needed, but we’ll play it by ear. I really think the packing will go rather quickly.
  • We will finish any necessary kiln firing through the weekend, so if you’ve got anything that’s ready be sure it’s in the studio ASAP or save it till after the move.
  • Speaking of, if you’ve got anything in the studio and you’re NOT one of our folks who is renting one of the shelf lockers, please be sure and stop in this weekend and take it home.

3/16 - 3/20: Spring Break / Moving Week

  • I have the week off from work and will be spending my time at Booth, and back and forth to Douglas to move things.
  • I suspect the first few days of the week will be spent working on and finishing up projects at Booth to get ready to move our things into the new studio. The locker shelves are going to get prepped and stained, the closet shelves need some reinforcing before we pile clay on them, and we’ve got some other shelves to tweak and then build our new counter top and dip glaze area on the east wall (gonna be awesome!). Once that’s done we’ll have places for the stuff… and the things!
  • The end of the week, and perhaps into the weekend, will be spent actually moving things and getting things set up. This includes disassembling our two hand building / wedging tables and moving them over and reassembling them and putting new canvas on the tops.
  • Also during this week I’ll be moving the kiln. I’m going to use this as a great opportunity to take the kiln apart and do a deep cleaning and some maintenance on the elements. That will make it easier to move as well and start us off all clean and pretty in the new space. After we’ve moved and settled in we’ll evaluate the two donated kilns to see which one will be the best as our second kiln (woot!).

3/21 - 3/22: Next Saturday and Sunday

  • This is the perfect time for our members renting a shelf/locker on Douglas to move their things over to the new studio. The new shelves should be all ready to go by then. I’ll work sometime on shelf assignments, but if you are one of those folks and you have a preference for which shelf you want in the new studio, I recommend stopping by sometime late next week (if you aren’t already there helping to move and get the building ready!) and let me know your favorite.

3/23 - 3/31: The End of Douglas!

  • After we’re out of the old studio it needs to be cleaned. The whole building on Douglas needs to be cleaned so we can turn it over to our landlord at the end of the month, so don’t miss out on a chance to help out with saying goodbye to the old building.
  • Any unclaimed items left in the studio at the end of the month will be discarded. Most things have left the building already (thanks everyone!), but there are still a decent number of items on the green shelf that need to be picked up and a few things on the drying racks. Also, there are a bunch of clay bags on the free parking shelf that need to be claimed. If they aren’t claimed, they may be reclaimed and recycled.

Further investigation, aka tape measure usage, reveals that the hand building tables will fit through the door after the tops are removed, so less disassembly is in order. Yay.


I Love your thoughtful, calm, organized and systematic approach to the move. The ceramic room will be settled and ready for business!!! A glorious space! Excellent job PH!!


Carol and I plan to help with ceramics tomorrow at noon.
No toilet paper required.


There’s a “ceramics night” on the calendar for the 17th - want that taken down? I’m doing some calendar cleanup for our last few days in March.


I thought I removed all of them going forward. Please remove it.


I will be in this weekend to finally pack and get my stuff moved.


I’ll be at the studio at noon today along with others who want to help pack.


Congratulations, Patrick. Well thought out and communicated. Following a plan always gets good results!

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It was a very productive day today! The majority of studio stuff (tools, and whatnot) got boxed up and moved to Booth, along with the wheels, a couple of the shelves, stools, and various and sundry things.

We also went to Jabara’s and picked up a countertop for the new dip glazing station and counter next to the sink. FYI 12’ laminate countertops are just $90 plus tax!

We’ve got our blue table and yellow bench in the studio where they’ll live for our hand building / slab work area. Got most of the boxes up on the table so they’re out of the way.

We hauled the big kick wheel in and put it in place. Looks great!

Many thanks to everyone who helped today! What a great team of people we’ve got!!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but here’s a couple:


A couple more truckloads today and the old studio is a nearly barren wasteland! The new studio is starting to look like our new home!


The new shelf lockers should be ready to move into after noon on Sunday if you are one of the folks renting a locker in Ceramics. Second coat of paint went on Friday afternoon.

We have two more large shelf lockers available in the new studio as well as ¡18! smaller shelf lockers! If you’re a studio regular and you’re tired of hauling stuff back and forth from home and are interested in a shelf locker, get in touch!

The studio is of course not yet ready to use while we wait for plumbing, and electric, and our final occupancy permit, and of course the return to normal operations after the corona virus situation improves. But it will continue to get organized and put together.

Next big task is the build out of our new dip glaze station, which is gonna be awesome!