It’s been brought to my attention that there has been some questions about the stuff that I have on the shelf that I am paying for. It’s not abandoned. I’m still a member and still paying for that shelf space.
Thanks for the heads up that there have possible issues with people thinking my property has been abandoned. I figured since I am paying for shelf space that nobody should be poking around on my shelf. I will come by tomorrow. I have been sidetracked with things and haven’t been in, but my shelf and large boards are still there with my name on them. I had been letting others use the boards if they needed. If they are in the way, I will take them home.


Your stuff is under the Glaze Dipping Station to the far right. I had “NO” idea you’ve been paying for a shelf this entire time. Your stuff was found in the kiln room by the previous Lead Gaye. Her and I had a conversation about it when she first took over Ceramics. I let her know you were a still a paying member. I had no idea what she had done with your stuff. I forgot all about it until yesterday when Thad asked me if I knew a Rhonda Davis. I said yes. That is why I went through the makeict Grapevine to give you a heads up. I’m very busy today, but I will go in tomorrow/Sunday and gather your stuff, label it and put it on a shelf. I’m sorry Rhonda your stuff was not handled properly. So much went on between the move, the Covid shut-down and the removal of several people in Ceramics. It’s been a mess. I miss Scott and Patrick, they did a good job. On another note. I hope you are enjoying your new home, makeict misses you and I miss seeing you in Ceramics. I enjoyed our early morning Tuesdays when we did pottery.


I had gone in several months back and my stuff was on the shelf that Patrick and Scott had put my name on. When was it moved from the labeled shelf I had been paying for every month?

This is so irritating that whoever was the lead didn’t have the brains to look at the shelf that was labeled and contact me. It appears that things are no longer as organized and sensible as they used to be. I had introduced myself to Gaye via message and let her know that I had a rented shelf and got no response. I’m very irritated. I’m assuming that I will be reimbursed for the time my stuff was removed and for the items stolen or lost due to incompetence. Very irresponsible of somebody to move it without contacting me. It’s easy to see that I am a paying member and the shelf had my name on it.
Thank you Michelle for contacting Malissa so I could be made aware of this total disregard for my personal property that should not have been touched on the shelf I was PAYING FOR EVERY MONTH. I think it’s clear that things fell apart as far as information and respect in the area. I hope someone can get it back to the level it was before.


I am still in Wichita. We haven’t moved, which is why my stuff was still supposed to be on the shelf I was paying for. I had a class in the sewing lab with Malissa a while back but hadn’t had time to stop back in. Lord. Patrick and Scott ran that area so well. I assumed that it would remain well organized and communication wouldn’t be an issue. Apparently the professionalism and respect didn’t transfer. I’m irritated and upset at the fact I paid for a shelf all this time and now I find out that my shelf was stolen from me. The shelf I am STILL PAYING FOR. I will contact the board and ask for a refund of the money I paid for shelf rental. It’s clearly added to my monthly invoice with the shelf letter on it.

I am disappointed by the lack of communication and respect. Thank you Michelle and Malissa for giving me a heads up.

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If stuff is missing, contact Russ the new Ceramics Lead. He is in regular contact with the previous group from a recent conversation we had. Maybe he can see if they have anything and he can get your stuff back. I had to “DROP” this subject of missing items. It’s a sore spot with me and my mouth filter started to slip so I was on the verge of getting in trouble. All this mess was the final deciding factor in moving to Missouri earlier than I planned to. I had to let this stuff go and realize if those in power don’t care then why should I.

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It looks like there has been some confusion, let me clarify things to the best of my understanding.
We have not been overhauling shelves and I believe your shelf should be undisturbed though I do not know anything about yours specifically because I don’t know who most of the shelves belong including yours.

There is a additional bin with your name on it that has been handing out in a quite corner and it recently came to the attention of a member doing some cleaning. The two of us discussed checking with the treasurer to to see if you where still a member. That member also mentioned he would ask Michelle if she knew you.

Now that you have indicated that you are still a member I have no objection to the bin staying put indefinitely.

I apologize that this simple inquiry took such a negative and distressing turn. None of your property is or was in danger.

Had you no longer been a member, I would have had the treasurer or someone else with your contact information reach out to you to reclaim your items. Only if you had declined to do so would they been donated to the department.


I owe EVERYONE an apology.

I just went by MakeIct and my shelf was there—still CLEARLY labeled with my name in red—with my bin in it—with all my stuff. Absolutely nothing had been moved off the shelf, tampered with or redistributed.

I apologize for panicking and going off without properly checking it out first. There is no excuse. I messed up by reacting before I had gone to the room to check myself so that it could be cleared up before I left the forum diatribe.

Again, I apologize to everyone. I was wrong. There is no excuse for my reacting first before doing the proper thing and checking. I apologize to the department—everyone—for creating a drama that should have been avoided. I also apologize to the leadership for this fiasco. I appreciate the fast response.

We are actually moving FINALLY so I did clear the property in my cubby. I did donate several things and there were things in a bin with my name on it that didn’t belong to me so I left them with the gentleman working in there. I also took pictures of the items that I donated with a note in the picture so this is resolved and there is no further confusion.

I’m not sure how to upload the photos in case there are questions but will do that later.

THANK YOU and please accept my apology.

Warm Regards,


Awesome! I am so glad it wasn’t a tragedy and was just some miscommunication. Have a wonderful time in your new home!


I’m glad your shelf and stuff are still there. I was asked about the pile That Thad found. I got a hold of Malissa because Rhonda was not on my fb friends list. I informed Malissa that Thad found some slump and hump molds and wanted them for ceramics. I posted where the pile of her stuff was under the dip glazes. I hadn’t seen or noticed anything about Rhonda prior to Thad since January when the past Lead asked who she was. I know Rhonda, so when Thad pointed out her pile I did my best to let her know about it. I have zero clue about the rest of her stuff because I don’t pay attention or go through the other Shelves because they are not mine. I actually thought Rhonda had moved because I hadn’t seen her stuff or noticed her shelf in forever.