Casting Aurthorized makers

These are the only Makers authorized to cast metal at MakeICT
David Springs
Stephen Atwood
Dean Day
If you find others casting metal without one of the above present, note who is casting and leave the information with the Jewelry Lab lead or another officer.
This list will be updated as new people are qualified.


I need to come get my mold then. Didn’t realize I wasn’t on the list lol

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I don’t think i’d ever want to do a metal casting with no one present. But how do i get authorized? Will there be a safety class in the near future? I use to collect pewter figurines in my yout, and have always wanted to make them.

Did I miss the 7 day membership review of this authorization change?

  • Area and equipment access policies will be approved by the Makerspace Director in cooperation with the appropriate Area Lead(s), subject to review and veto by the Board of Directors. Access policies and reasons for said policies will be submitted to the membership for review 7 days prior to taking effect.[1]
  • In functional areas requiring an authorization, a no-cost route to authorization of tools or equipment must be provided. Fee-based courses are explicitly allowed if a no-cost method of authorization is provided.
  • Area Leads should find, name, and document publicly enough Deputy leads that at least 2 people are able to teach necessary authorization and safety courses. Other duties may be delegated except for liaising with the Board and budget submittals.
  • Required area orientation and safety courses must be offered at intervals of 30 days or more frequently and at least one such course shall always be on the public calendar, at all times.
  • Non-authorized Members are allowed to use tools under the direct supervision of an authorized Member for purposes of learning and instruction.
  • Failure to abide by these policies may result in removal from area lead position

This and the other hostile attitudes around the shop is why this is my last month at Makers. I have a few large bronze commissions and need a place to work that is nurturing and non-toxic.

First off I agree with Devin that there is no formal authorization policy for casting at MakeICT. The goal of my post is to start that process. The people I have listed are those that I know can cast safely. I agree with Mr. Withers that a minimum of 2 people are needed for casting safety. To that end I am asking that one of us be present when casting at MakeICT.


As less than 25% of our membership come to the forum on a regular basis and we are currently without a director, please send your proposal to the admin list and post at the space as a proposal. I know some other members have cast successfully at the space before, please consider adding them or asking them if they would want to be added to the list. Also ask yourself if this is directed at one person specifically? Have you properly addresses that person or is this not a passive agressive attemtp at not having to deal with them directly? I understand for safety we need rules, but I don’t know of anything that has happened that would cause us to go to this extreme first without setting other boundaries.

Safety first and foremost for any activity at MakeICT.
My post is intended to foster safety while casting. Any time one works with molten metal there is a potential for a serious accident.
Those of you that have been casting at MakeICT please come talk to me, This is not a final or all inclusive list of members qualified to cast at MakeICT This is a starting point for a formal authorization procedure.


Unfortunately, Dean your first post isn’t worded that way, I’d be happy to help edit it to make it into what you intended it to be and facilitate my suggestions to include as many voices as possible in this process without a current director.

Maybe I missed something. Where is the hostility in wanting you to be safe and the area “not be on fire”?
Being authorized is a simple process and you just have to have a conversation with the authorizing individuals.


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