Can someone laser something for me?


I am working on some patterns for a leatherworking class I’m going to be be teaching at some point in the near future. I would like some help until the lasers at the space get setup. I am needing some pieces cut from some 1/8 plastic sheet.

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@squarenail may be able to help

What kind of material are you wanting to cut with the laser? Most plastics are dangerous to cut with the laser due to gasses that are released. Acrylic is a notable exception.

Acrylic. I couldn’t remember which one it was when I posted earlier so I generalized.

Ok, cool. Just wanted to make sure. Barring unforeseen issues, the makeict lasers should be up and running by next weekend.


That is great news! I would be happy to help if you need anything.

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What size is your pieces? We have a laser with 12×24 capabilities.

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