Calling Luthieries and Percussionists

Hey there makers,

Good Day Kansas will be out at MakeICT tomorrow (August 11) from 9am to 11am.

Are there a few of you out there with homemade instruments that would like to show off their efforts tomorrow? Even if it’s an instrument made from old computer parts?


Even an arduino powered theremin

Actually @Dominic Canare do you still have that kids xylophone you hacked to play midi?


@james.a.seymour an electric xylophone has been my goal for years.

You would love @Tom McGuire 's drum machine too

I do! It’s currently collecting dust like any of my projects that actually achieve some semblance of completion lol

I wasn’t able to be present today though. We’re self-isolating before we travel to see our new baby niece. I’m eager to see the video on the 18th! :slight_smile:

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