CALLING ALL TEXTILES! Let's display our skills!

We have a display case in front of our room. Lets use it! Ive got some small projects set aside to put in there. What can you contribute? For the item to display please write a notecard with this info
Who made it
What it is
What it does (optional if obvious)
What machine/s were used.

We also have 3 mannequins out there. They are NAKED and COLD. Lets warm them up. Do you make clothing? Costumes? Have something you can dress them with? Don’t forget to give them a tag with the same info but for costumes change what it does to who/what the character is.

We are all skilled. Let’s show it off and show people what MakeICT is capable of!


Thank you for this, I was just commenting on the emptiness of the pretty cases we have! I want to see more work on display for sure.

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I have a bag that I made using the sewing machine. When do you need this by and where do I put it?


You can leave it on the cutting table with a note what it is for. No deadline, I figure we will add things as we get them.