Burning an EPROM

I find that I need to burn an image on a new EPROM for my pinball machine. I thought we had an EPROM burner, but even if we do, I haven’t burned a chip since maybe 1989. Do we have a burner, and is there someone who has done it more recently that could give me a hand?

That sounds familiar.

And since I brought up the subject, does anyone happen to have a 27C256 or 27C512 on hand that they’d sell me? Or is there somewhere in town to get one today?

I might be thinking of something in my maker room though I’d have to check


For me it was 96-97 the last time I burned an eprom. I had a set of network eproms after the last move, but I remember contemplating tossing them, or downsized. I will check tonight when I get home. Please let me know of you find an alternate source. It will save me from cleaning up my room to find something.

I think I have the reader and writer and UV eraser, but I think the software was on a floppy disk, or buried on a backup drive.

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Thanks Tom…I’m going to run by and check to see if we have a burner, but if not, I know the cheap USB models are under twenty bucks. Don’t tear up a room to find them, because if I have to order a burner, I can order the EPROMs at the same time. It won’t kill me to wait 2 days if I have to.

But if I do find them I could tell my wife that it was a good idea to save some obsolete piece of equipment for 20+ years because i might need it some day. :slight_smile:

Well, then, I’ll be happy to write you an affidavit you can use.

I did find them. Right on the top. If you have need of any to test with you are welcome to them. I have 23 erased eproms, ready to be programmed. Most are TMS 27C256.


You rock.