Hey guys we are out of brochures and have a couple events this weekend.

Could someone update the brochures to say that maker Mondays are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month and print off maybe 50 copies? I don’t think we would be able to get Spirit to print them off in time for this event.

I’ll be down at the Alley from 7am to 11am Saturday for cars and coffee, and then there is also a 2nd event for girl scouts leadership that we are still getting details on.


How about using Jai’s cards instead?

I didn’t think we had many of those left either…

I’ll double check what I have of my old secretary business cards… I might have to sit there with some white out

Jai’s cards have a QR code that take you to our website. They have a nice polished look. Easier and cheaper to reprint.

can we get at least 50 by friday?

I think I still have a few cards in my purse.

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He has 500 on order unfortunately their eta is the 20th.

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I’m not sure who I’ll run into this weekend, but I did grab the 13 cards LaDeana had this evening.


@jpalschauhan could you send the file for those business cards so we could potentially get some more printed and cut tonight?

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I ordered another 500. They came in early yesterday. I have them sitting on my dining room table. Do you need them tonight? I’m bringing them to the car event tomorrow.


If you could bring some by it would be good. I am going to the girl scout event tomorrow. (They did finally get back to me with the details.)

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Didn’t seem like the cars and coffee was as much of a maker crowd as I had hoped…

I didn’t hand out many business cards, but there were a few people interested in our Instagram account or had been following the roadster build on the forum.

Also, the event organizers approached me and said the roadster is exactly the kind of car they want to see at cars and coffee and invited me to bring it back out to the next event in March.


On the up side the folks at the Girl Scout event seemed like they were interested… but the turnout was dismal. I did get to talk to the leaders of the Robo Troop. (Girl Scouts with robots :slight_smile: )
They might be interested in meeting at the space… and that seems down our alley.