Break Room

After the Google Meet meeting last night; would like to offer myself as in charge of the Break Room. Who would be my Lead? And can you tell me what I’m getting myself into?

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Super. Try and recruit new members for the Break room team. (Tip: See who is regularly using the break room and recruit them. Also bonus points for snagging anyone who is already helping. :slight_smile: )

If you guys need any help getting started, lean on me. I am leading the education team… so I have to limit how many teams I can be on, but if you need help, I am there.

Not sure what the board already tasked you with but I would suppose your task might be some of the following:

  • Establish some kind of fridge policy

  • Establish some kind of fridge cleanup schedule

  • Establish some kind of kitchen cleanup policy - like “Clean up after yourself”

  • Establish some kind of kitchen tidy schedule (with trash takeout). Take any stray items to Lost and Found.

  • Establish some kind of rules around what food can be in the kitchen and how it must be contained. (I suggest it needs to be in sealed containers to reduce bugs and mice.)

  • Get folks together to inventory what is currently in the kitchen

  • Decide what is allowed in the kitchen cabinets and in the cubbies. (I think you will get lots of stray stuff showing up in the cubbies if they don’t have a purpose… if you can’t find a purpose for them, you might consider removal… discuss amongst yourselves :slight_smile: )

  • Decide what you want to do with the pop sales out of the fridge. (You may want to coordinate with whoever is doing the Lounge since there is a pop machine in the lounge.)


*You would be the lead reporting to the board. -
*You would maintain supplies and formulate any processes for using the space and communicate those ie food storage. Room useage ie if someone wanted to teach a class.
*Schedule volunteers for clean up duties.
*We’ll want to develop a budget and report income and expenses.
*Maintain a wiki page
*Things like the furnace filter would fall to facilities.
*have an assistant/team to share the load with.
Recruit and train your replacements.
*inventory supplies and equipment. Communicate with inventory committee.

Ladeana is right on target!

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