Bracket help?

Hey makers - I was contacted by a good friend who needs a bracket made:

I need to make up a simple bracket from 4130. It is basically a triangular shaped piece (around “.080 thick) with a hole in it to attach a control rod, TIG welded to a curved (1.75” ID) piece of 4130 which probably only needs to be around “.020 thick. The whole thing is no bigger than 6 in by 4 in, maybe 3 in x 1.5 in high for the triangular bracket.

Wondered if anyone might be able to help him out? He might pay you/throw us a small donation, but that’s kind of up to you :slight_smile:

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Does your friend have a time schedule they would like it done? I assume the use of words like probably means the materials need to be acquired yet. Will they be procuring the base materials and need help with cutting/grinding and welding or do they want a turnkey part?

I might be able to help, but it would be a while. I won’t be back in town until Feb 9th.

I know there are more proficient TIG welders out there to weld metal this thin. I would be willing to plasma cut the parts if someone wanted to do the welding. If there is some sort of notched curve to mate with a part let the computer do it, but someone could just hand grind the curve to match.

You specify 4130 alloy with thickness. Any specific filler alloy?

I assume this is a bracket mating to a 1.75" od tube. Assuming it will be rotating about the central axis. If sliding then I would guess orientation would flip 90 deg and be a straight weld.

I could not figure out from the description if it a bent sheet or larger tubing 1.75" id that slips over.

I assume since there is no dimension for the control rod it will be drilled later to match some hardware.

Short of a basic sketch with dimensions just many assumptions is this what they want?

If possible later after the part is done if someone else helps out could you upload pics of the part?

Tom, you did better at guessing what it was supposed to look like than I did. A drawing of some sort would be way more helpful in determining who can do it. Is the customer going to handle post weld heat treatment? What is the application? Some people will not do any welds for critical applications.