Bowl turning class?

I’ve been teaching myself bowl turning on my homemade spring-pole lathe for a couple of years now and I am wondering if there’s any interest in a class. I figured the starting point would be a class/communal build of knock-down lathes made from construction lumber. Then forging hook tools for bowl turning, followed by the actual bowl turning bit. It would pretty much have to be a multi day class, or could be a series of classes, if that works better.
I REALLY enjoy turning like this, there’s no dust, it’s super quiet. It’s super satisfying. My lathe is in my backyard!
Please reply if you’re interested.


I would be interested.

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I would be interested too.

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Me 3!!!

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I’m also interested. (mid august)

I would be interested too!

I’m really pleased by the interest shown here! I’m working in pricing materials.
I’m also trying to figure out if it’s really feasible to do the blacksmithing portion of the class or if it would be better to order told from an established maker. Any thoughts from respondents? I will say that my blacksmithing skills are adequate but I’m leaning towards purchased tools so as to not get lost in the weeds.

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It would probably be better to have the blacksmithing portion either removed or into a separate class. Metalshop has a anvil but no forge so that could encumber you as well.