Boss laser

Anyone familiar with a company called Boss Laser i considering buying one of thier 70watt lasers

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People I know prefer Thunder lasers. or you could buy one like make ict has for a few thousand cheaper than a boss or thunder and it would be 100 watt and larger work area.

So my thought is to keep it small so it can be moved around and I can keep it in extra room in house. Do small stuff on it which is mainly what I do and large stuff at MakeICT

Boss was on my top 3 choices. I’d still consider it if I ever get a second laser. I have a friend selling one of her Epilog Minis 40 watt. I know you wanted more wattage, but thought I’d share the info. She’s local.

It is so confusing picking out a laser i opted out of both boss and epilog
Epilog was just to pricy and boss was built with slow stepper motors and a wierd laser head im told which makes any mods impossible your stuck buying only thier proprietary parts

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Was also erked that they did not have free shipping