Booth tasks - prepping toward move day

Hello Make ICT !!
We’re making progress at Booth!!! We have quite a lot of Certificate of Occupancy and code tasks needing completed. We are moving on them as soon as we are allowed. As we wait for clearance to pull permits, there are always non-co tasks we can complete. Your help is very much appreciated.
I’ve put together a list of tasks by room or area. I encourage you to select an area or tasks within an area . Make your claim known by signing the sheet. It will be great to see who has adopted which tasks. Mark it complete as you finish so we can all track our progress!

A few things to know:

  1. Find the task lists on front bulletin board closest to the East entrance. or attached here.MAKEICT TASK LIST 2.26.20.xlsx (20.4 KB)
  2. If you find you need supplies not on hand to complete the tasks. supply request sheets are pined underneath the task list. Fill it out and we will help you obtain those supplies. We’ll try to use any demo materials first as we are trying hard to conserve all resources.
  3. Tools and safety equipment can be found on work benches in the garage area. Please return all tools at the end of each day’s work.
  4. David has Booth open M-F 12-6pm. Take the opportunity to work at your convenience. It’s always nice for David to receive a heads up, in case he has an errand to run. You may reach David at
  5. We can make evening and weekend hours available with a little planning. Let us know what works best in your schedule.

Here are a few group opportunities at Booth this week:

  1. Thursday 2/27. Rustin is needing at least 1 helper tomorrow evening. Task: apply epoxy in room #12, applying the second coat of epoxy in the ceramic studio and prepping the 1st metal shop floor. Rustin would like to start at 5pm.
  2. Thursday 2/27, Doug Wilson and John Withers need help framing the glass block area in both the metal and wood shops. Estimated start time 5pm.
  3. Thursday 2/27 Brick and concrete debris clean up. Great progress was made Wed evening but there is still more clean up to do.
  4. Saturday 2/29 more floor work. Rustin can you give us a time and how many helpers you’re needing? It will likely depend on how far they get on Thursday. (
  5. Sunday 3/1 David is working on Auction items. He needs a min of 4 helpers. Thank you Brad Tull being our 1st Sunday volunteer.
  6. Watch for announcements for work parties to help with plumbing, electrical and heating & air TBA
  7. Help needed in each area at Douglas to inventory, pack and move. Watch for information from area leads.

Please contact me at if you have questions or would like to schedule time at Booth.

Together we’ll make Booth our home! Thanks Bunches!!