Bolt holder

I’d like to thank the elf or elves who have built this.

Also I want to see about commissioning one not as tall and 72" wide.

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@jpalschauhan I like the design. It is nice to see it put together instead of seeing the separate pieces the other night.

@Malissa re you wanting a second one, or changing the dimensions?

Why not make it as high as possible utilize the wall space? Maybe a stepstool to go with it for shorter people?

Unless you plan on putting it under something, that will limit the height. If so give a height, or a description “must fit in closet”

$0.02 given.

It would be for my personal use in a storage unit. I only have 4-5 bolts to hang at a time but they are all 60-68 wide


Man I gotta be honest… I’ve been confused. I was like… wtf kind of bolt is that long, why wouldn’t you just get allthread.


I’m with you @james.a.seymour was scratching my head trying to figure it out as well. I’d be really tired of screwing the bolt into the end trying to get through the other side. Hopefully it Would be acme thread. Thanks for clearing that up @Malissa

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It turned out about how I expected, so I’ve got that going for me.
I could do one that is double height and bolt it to the wall. The current height is based on the idea of moving it around and fitting it under the concrete lintel.