Board meeting November 15

Agenda here:

Committee leads please provide your reports in this thread.

Everyone is welcome to attend board meetings!

Proposal: Quarterly meeting Sunday December 30th at 6 PM

I’m okay with it, but if you want many folks to show up, give out really good door prizes for attendees.

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Last year we had a Christmas party and gift exchange with things we made, it was nice :slight_smile: any interest in doing that again?

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I am typically not around during the Christmas Holiday… so I will keep out of it :slight_smile: (for once)

Sure, I’ll throw something in.

Sounds good to me.

Community/Onboarding/Volunteer Committee Updates

Last meeting date: October 21, 2018

We are in the process of creating a calendar to identify activities/events month-by-month that require volunteers and/or organization. The idea would be to create subcommittees that would take lead for the smaller projects.

We like the idea of requiring some sort of volunteer commitment for each member of the makerspace.

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We really need to add volunteer interest to the key form or somewhere. We also have talked about attending a committee or board meeting as part of getting your key card.

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New Building Committee Update:

  • Met with real estate agent and formed agreement, with board’s support
  • Visited Gateway school, a lease opportunity; evaluating floor plans to determine if it would be an option for us
  • Would like to recommend the board conduct a member survey at the next quarterly meeting with following questions:
  1. How much are you willing to pay for dues at larger space?
  2. What parts of Wichita are you willing to travel to if we move?
  3. Why do you feel MakeICT should move?
  • Developing decision matrix to compare location options and assist board in making educated decision

Scholarship Committee Update:

Meeting held Oct. 23. Only I was in attendance. Posted some ideas on the forum for amending policy and procedure.

I’ve been drafting a new policy and application. I was hoping to have it ready this week, but it’s not. I should be ready to present something for discussion at next month’s meeting.

We do ask that you not present a new policy at a board meeting. Not that I told any leads this, but hey no time like the present, a better process is to:

  1. Show your policy to 1-2 other trusted experienced folks to get a second set of eyes on it
  2. Post to the admin list, let everybody discuss/throw rocks at it
  3. Request that it be added to the board agenda as soon as the notice for board meeting gets posted
  4. Directors all do our homework and read everything and ask questions to we know which way we’re going to vote
  5. New policy comes up at the board meeting, we call a vote, no surprises, it takes ten seconds and becomes official

Cool. Very good to know.