Board meeting December 27

Hi Makers - our December board meeting is Thursday December 27 at 7pm. I will be working up an agenda and you can post requested agenda items here. Anyone can attend.

Preliminary Budgeting for 2019

Textiles 600 total

Will get info for Nation of Makers and post here.

Nation of Makers?

Draft agenda:

It will either be $600 or $1200 per year depending on if they peg us as a grassroots organization or an established maker-space. $3 per year per member is not bad if we pay 2 years at a time we get a 10% discount.

You can see the benefits here and I listed them below as well.


• Have public recognition as a Nation of Makers member organization

• Have a supporting member organization profile and your logo prominently displayed on the Nation of Makers website

• Have your organization’s resources highlighted on the Nation of Makers website

• Have your organization’s events listed on the Nation of Makers National Calendar on the Nation of Makers website


• Have access and the ability to contribute to the NoM Resource Library with full attribution

• Have access and the ability to the maker job listing board

• Have access and the ability to the NoM bookshelf (coming soon)

Exclusive Benefits

• Occupy a key maker community leadership role by proposing projects for development by NoM

• Be able to join Nation of Makers project teams and actively contribute to Nation of Makers project plans

• Enjoy members-only exclusive networking, partnership opportunities, and voting rights

• Receive invitations to attend exclusive members-only events and participate in NoM publicity and communications

• Receive members-only discounts on tools and supplies from our affiliate partners

Free or discounted conference registration for all or some of our members might sway me. I don’t see a lot of other items that make it worth it, that’s a lot of money for a website listing. I don’t understand what the money is used for.

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We should have a State Rep and part of the money is to cover their travel expenses, that was brought up at the conference. I did tell them in my application we would need to review this. They are going to respond but I’m sure it will be after the first of the year. They asked if there were anything urgent and I did let them know we had not been able to make contact with our state rep.

I think my statement was that before funding a trip for our state rep, I would like to understand the process and interval by which state reps are chosen.

I would rather budget $600 to help fund MakeICT member registrations for the nation of makers conference.

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Preliminary budget for Ceramics is $2,000. This does not reflect the offsetting income from foks paying for clay and glaze since I haven’t been provided with any of that information. Actual required funds will of course be much less but all I can do is guess and I’m not too keen on guessing when it comes to setting a budget for a year.

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