Black Sherline Mini Mill

I saw that someone located the box of toolholders and other bits and bobs for the Sherline mills and put it with the black mill, so thanks to whoever did that (if you can also locate the air spindle that would be great). :slight_smile: I played around with it a bit yesterday. We only have 2 good T-nuts between the 2 Sherlines, so I figured I’d try my hand and making some out of scrap steel we have laying around the metal shop (also the official ones are pretty wimpy and break easily). Since they are pretty simple I’m planning to do them on the black mill using the hand wheels. While I was testing it out I noticed the bed was a bit wibbly-wobbly, so I tightened up the gibs on the X and Y. I had some trouble with the Y axis gib loosening and thought that the set screw was stripped, so I took it all apart to find out that the hole was just deeper than I thought and was definitely not stripped. Whoops. After getting it back together and tightening things up the bed is now much more stable.

I’m going to keep a list here of things that need to be done to get the machine all set up and ready to use.

  • Obtain/fabricate 10 T-nuts
  • Obtain appropriately sized parallels for the vice (example)
  • Make sure everything is greased/oiled appropriately
  • Obtain/fabricate dedicated wrenches for the draw bars (1/2 and 7/16)
  • Obtain a brush for chip cleanup
  • Make holders for the various bits and bobs needed in normal use of the machine
  • Move power supply mount up a few inches to relieve strain on cord
  • Replace damaged 1/8" collet
  • Mount new power switch
  • Change display output to work with monitor or swap monitor


  • Locate the air spindle
  • Set up an air line for air spindle and/or chip clearing
  • Improve readability of handwheel dials

Photographic evidence:

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‘air line’ …

Would it make more sense to run a line from the cold metalshop over to fab lab, or to add another valve to the manifold?

…or I could just relabel the cold shop valve to cold shop / fab lab.

I wasn’t really thinking of anything that involved at this point. I was just going to use a portable air compressor or wheel it over to an existing hookup.

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Keep in mind, we also have to figure out what we are going to do with the engraver that was donated, which requires air. There was talk of putting that in the FabLab, but we didn’t have air. So not sure if helps or not.

That red thing might be in with the fireball stuff, or… possibly in the boxes by the door in the ERP.

Have you laid eyes on it since we moved?

How wide and tall are the jaws on the Sherline vise? I may be ordering some more endmills and cutters soon so I might be able to throw those on my next order with a coupon.