Bisque Fire Complete 9-5-2022

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Look at all of these babies just waiting for some fresh glaze :blush:

Is it just me, or did none of the images actually finish uploading?


I can’t see I can’t see…lol

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There’s a glitch with the forum. If you hit post before the photos finish uploading it will post the text and not the pictures. You can edit your post and reupload, you just need to wait and watch for the upload percentage in the bottom right corner to hit 100%. I can show you if needed the next time we run into each other at the space.

Thanks Malissa


Very lovely pieces!

Just wondering why the kiln firing notices aren’t always being posted under Kiln Firing Notices?

Probably a user mistake. I just moved this one to that catagory. Thanks for catching that. I will check other post and update any I find.

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I went all the way back to April. I think I fixed about 6 that weren’t labeled properly.


Thanks so much!

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