Bisque fire complete 1.9.2021

Couldn’t resist

Congratulations Scott for making the first pots in the new space.

I fired these in my studio. If you need anything fired before MakeICT’s kiln is operation I’d be happy to help you, no cost.

Bonus pictures from my silkscreening ceramics class:


looking good devin

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The pots are all @ScottS and the group of four ornaments was a participant in my Sc101 class the rest of the ornaments are Scott’s as well.

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Awesome, Thank you Devin!

Dear Scott,

I dropped some pieces off for bisque, and have more I can bring. When do you think the next firing will be?

I don’t know how soon the kiln will be operational. It needs rewiring and will have to see if the budget for this quarter for ceramics might cover it.

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Richard if you trust me to transport to my studio I will fire for you. I’m currently at the space but can come back whenever.

Is it just these two?