Birthday party fundraisers?

Hello! It’s El.:cherry_blossom:

I am interested in hosting my birthday party this year at Make ICT. I unfortunately missed the breakfast with the board event this morning as well as the fundraising committee meeting last night. Though, I would like to make it happen as a fundraising event, where all guests would donate at minimum $10 to the space. Last year, I believe I had about 21 guests.

If allowed to host my birthday here, guests would be limited to the library room as well as the patio/garden space. I would set up my installation quilt as well as invite other artists to perform. I would want to plan this for Friday, the 15th of December.

Please let me know your thoughts on this and what other details I should consider. Thank you.


consider cake. or cookies, lol.

The Guest policy - MakeICT Wiki just says contact @events if you want to bring in more than 3 people. I’d love to join you and donate. Plus I’d be an extra member just in case anybody’s buzzing for a tour, it always happens :slight_smile: I think it’s a great idea!


That sounds awesome! We have a Gallery Show in Room 4. Would Room 3 be big enough to accommodate the party? If so, then tell me what hours you would like the event to be and I will get it on the calendar. (You will need to cleanup afterwards including taking out any trash that is food trash… but you probably already guessed that :slight_smile: )


Id do that, and I dont even know you. I might not like you. But Id still come and donate $10 to Make ICT for your birthday roast. Heck, why not?