Birch plywood

Hey Makers, where is the best place locally you’ve found to by 1/4" or less 4’ x 8’ birch plywood?

Birch veneer? Or baltic birch?

I used to get 1/2 baltic birch from Menards but it’s 140/sheet now. The place that replaced Payless on MacArthur had 5x5 sheets but I don’t know if builders first does. I guess I’m going to find out soon as I need a project to move forward and Menards doesn’t seem to be coming back down.

Not too sure what the difference is but I’m only using it to cut out letters and numbers on the laser. Lowes raised their prices on the .197 x 4’ x 8’ sheets from $17 to $22 so I was looking for something that provided a cleaner cut for less money.

I’ve typically gotten 5x5 sheets from Star Lumber

Do you know their price on 1/2" now?

That sounds like Birch veneer if it’s from Lowe’s.

If you are wanting clean cuts, I’ve not found a wood product that produces cleaver cuts than 1/4 mdf or hardboard or Masonite. Are you after the wood grain appearance? I’m assuming since this is in the fablab category that you are laser cutting it.


I found 3mm and 6mm Baltic birch from intermountain wood supply a couple years ago that was great. But it looks like they are either closed now or they just do flooring. Sad face :cry:

I haven’t purchased any Baltic birch from Star Lumber since wood prices went nuts, so I can’t say. I think a 1/2 sheet used to be in the $30-$40 range.

Intermountain will deliver to Wichita from their Nebraska store, however they haven’t had 1/4 or less in stock for quite some time due to supply issues.

Not so much the wood grain but it paints up really well. I’ve tried MDF and paint scratches off pretty easily.

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Might have to rough the surface up or use different paint

I buy mine from Fisher Lumber in Garden Plain. He beats everyone’s price and it is good quality. 5’x5’ sheets. And, they cut it to requested size for a very small fee. Ask for Rod. He’s the owner and tell him Mary Palmer (Square Nail Crafts) sent you.


Thanks Mary, I’ll check them out.

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How much does he beat everybody’s price by? It’ll cost me close to $10 to drive out there for a sheet so it would have to be pretty good

One sheet might not be worth the trip. I’d call ahead and ask the going rate. He orders for me because I order 25-50 sheets at a time. Buying in bulk might be where my savings is. I have purchased at the big box stores and at Star. Fisher has been my favorite.


Mary turned me on to fishers last time I bought 25 sheets I got it for 22$ each 4x8
Very clean straight sheets
That was before lumber spike in price


Home Depot has 2 thicknesses of 4’X8’ plywood that is used for veneering. I would guess cabinets. The thicker one is probably for door skins. They used to be less than $10/sheet. Might be $20-$30/sheet now. I’ll check them out and repost afterwards. I can make a TON of nametags from one sheet :wink: