Biodiversity Tracker


So that we can better track the health of the ecosystem we are creating in the garden (and work on eliminating invasive species), I have created a Biodiversity tracker.

So far, I have just added a sheet for tracking plant species. I plan on adding an additional sheet for animal species and (possibly) fungi species in the future.

Link: MakeICT_Biodiversity_Tracker - Google Sheets

Thanks to Aaron for the suggestion

Piper Thomas


I like this.
For a recent creekside cleanup, i utilized the Plant ID App called “Picture This” to figire out what to keep and what to cull… I was kinda surprised i could no longer find a free plant-id app. This one gave a 7 day trial.
It also had good eco- notes altho i have slightly different opinions on some of their “what is invasive” opinions. I have much experience chasing invasives in the garden and lawn. And sometimes you just get to reclassify violets or oxalis as a “favorite weed” and then worry about the loosestrife or bindweed. Curly dock and johnson grass can easily get out of hand in some settings. And im still trying to kill clover in my grass, and yet every weedkiller tried just seems to feed it. It attracts the geese so I would prefer no clover… but i wont use pyrifos.

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