Best way to cut FR-4 PCB Board?

I’m about to try making my own PCB, but the photo sensitive board blank I bought is FR-4 and I don’t think I have a good way to cut it. Do we have anything that will work well? I thought about the sheetmetal shear in the colds shop shear/brake/roll machine, but I’m open to other ideas. Hot shop bandsaw perhaps?


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I would be looking at diamond wire jewelers or coping saw.
I have one to loan, but Currently i cannot find the wire. But i just put it away as it was recently a lost little saw for just this size of job.

I wonder if i can post a pic of it. Oh wait, found an amazon link. Not sure which grade of abrasive. Still looking.

Its pretty low tech, inexpensive and easy to use. Very safe as well. [Cant cut into your finger with it.]
And imo, its sumpm the shops should just have access to for many kinds of jobs.

Many of the amazon selection of jeweelers saw are too big and cant clamp/stretch a wire. Let me show you the type needed to make this work. Ope, already posted a similar link.

Maybe Ted knows of one. Or how to order one from Jewelry supply with proper grade of abrasive.

Im sure a “diamond tile saw” would work too if the blade was new and a fine grade abrasive. I would want to cut it dry [not wet] , so … face mask/gas mask.

Them micro shard particles are BAD for you and for machinery… [cut outdoors?] Whish is we usually do such cuts under a stream of water. I would keep FRP dry. The ends can take up water along glass fibers until … edge sealed.

Sweep up. Dont use any vacuum cleaner either. The particles can ruin it if the filter isnt the type for fine drywall dust. Osha type ,…?

So be sure to protect lungs and eyes well. For everybodys sake. Other good suggestions will show up, im sure. I will learn too. These things change every yaer.

YDROWN Coping Saw Steel Frame with 0.5mm Diamond Wire Hand Saw for Jade Marble Granite Metal Glass Ceramic (With 2 meters diamond wire saw)

I’ve used a hacksaw with a 32 TPI blade and I’ve scored with a utility knife then broke over a table edge. Both methods followed by sanding wet with 600 grit Silicon carbide wet-or-dry dampened (or left rough).


We have a scroll saw at work we use for this, just go slow.

Can’t imagine fr4 is an approved material in the woodshop.

I have seen other James try the karate chop method, but to expected results.

I’ve used hacksaw, Dremel, coping saw, score and pray, and have someone else do it methods, and really the best way is just not doing it and respin the board in the right shape lol.

Really though don’t be a me. Wear lab safety gear that is a nasty dust to breath in, get in your eyes, and the splinters are impossible.

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Did this go OK?

Havent had a chance to try anything.

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My next amazon order will include a roll of the diamind wire. Whether youbare interested or not.

Im willing to help give it a try. Actually Ive done it before. Its slow but easy. Might just do it on a tailgate wearing disposable gloves and sleeves. & Dustmask.

I do not expect the diamond wore from amazon to be as good as what i’ve used in the past. It had much more grit bonded on…

You do have to drill or punch a hole for the cutting wire of the pcb board doesnt already have one nearby. Then thread wire thru, and reattach wire to coping saw frame. You could probly do it blindfolded.

Still looking for my can of Conformal Coating liquid.