Bee City Wichita

I just heard about this on KMUW. Have you heard? Maybe this would be a great outreach/pairing.


I’m allergic, and so overly afraid of bees. but I know how important they are, and even if they weren’t I don’t want more species going extinct , So I’ll be very supportive… from a distance.


Thanks, for the link.
I’d love to see all the interstitial places in Wichita such as the verges around creeks and canals and the alley system in the older neighborhoods turned into pollinator friendly areas. I suspect that re-seeding and not mowing would get it done.
The links to purveyors of native plant seed and seedling are especially helpful.


Agreed! I saw one from Wichita - Wichita Wildflowers on Facebook. I’ll be giving them some business at some point methinks.


I’ve been going to the Dyck Arboretum sale for a couple years now. They have a great collection of native plants they sell and their prices are very good. If you’re a member you can get early access to the sale.


Great Idea.

Unfortunately, dangerous individuals were attempting to infest MakeICT with bees. The Board made it quite clear they would not support bees or people in favor of bees.

I’m paraphrasing.

As always, another enlightening and helpful post from you. Thanks so much!


KMUW article:


But 2 steps back for 1 step forward?

Sorry it might be behind their paywall.


The article isn’t about keeping bees, it’s about healthy bee habitat. Native plants, pesticide free.


Yep. Not suggesting we bring in bees. This is about gardening and native plants that bees like which will therefore bring in pollinators and make landscape management a bit easier.


I am on the Bee City board, and grow and sell local native plants as Wichita Wildflowers. Bee City will primarily work with the City to develop and use bee friendly practices in public parks, and educate people about native bees (not so much European honey bees that take the same nectar and pollen resources). Bee City is scheduling monthly 4th Monday public meetings at the downtown Wichita Public Library. You are all invited to attend. If you want to help out, there is always a shortage of native plant knowledgeable garden maintenance crew. There could be more Pollinator Gardens in City Parks if there were long term help to weed, replant, grow plants from seed. I am also the local rep for Kansas Native Plant Society. I maintain a calendar of native plant events on FB at “Wichita Region of the Kansas Native Plant Society”. Pinned post has upcoming events and scroll back for previous local walks and events.

I enjoy seeing all the garden spaces at MakeICT.