Basic Sewing Lesson

If anyone would like some basic sewing lessons please reply here with days and times that work for you. I primarily make quilts but I do make other small projects. If we can coordinate a day and time I will teach a basic class to give everyone an overview of using a machine. The project choices will be

A reusable bag (made from scraps with a liner and exterior pocket).

A simple zipper pouch.

A bowl (or ice cream pint) coozie

Please add your preferred project when you reply. Project chosen most will be the project for the class.

This class will be a pre-requisite for quilting classes if you have not had any sewing experience.

I dont plan this class to be a regularly occuring class. We’ve had a lot of people asking so trying to help out. When @Malissa is able she offers classes on a more regular basis for everyone to enjoy.


A simple zipper pouch Monday afternoon & evenings, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons (12:00-4:30)


My grandmother taught me things, I took HomeEc, I’ve made clothes I’ve worn, 25 years ago… it’s just all gone from my brain, A little basic intro lesson is probably what I need

Any project would be fine, would have to be weekends or evenings for me, as I work 8-5ish M-F

EDIT oh god I didn’t realize this was 2 months old I’m sorry.