Basic Financial Planning for Retirement Class?

I’ve recently noticed some comments on the forum re: retirement planning, stocks, crypto etc…
If there is interest, my friend and financial advisor has agreed to holding a class in July to cover these kinds of topics: Funding an emergency fund, Insurance, dollar cost averaging investing, mutual fund evaluation, automated date funds, 401Ks, Roths, how much will I need? etc…
John is a fee only financial planner, meaning he doesn’t sell anything and will only entertain GENERAL questions during the class. He would likely charge $10 for the class and donate all proceeds to MakeICT for the evening. Thinking of a 6-8/9 weekday evening class. Thoughts?
Anyone interested and does anyone have issues/questions they would like John to prepare for and address? This is not your typical maker class so don’t know if it will fly. Interested in your thoughts and interest. Respond here or to


I think this is a great idea

i think it would be a great class

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Its a super idea. You can’t start planning early enough. I went to a class when I was 35 and retired at 57.

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