Basic electronics circuit V2.0

The new version of the basic electronics circuits here!!

I took the opportunity to teach my wife to solder

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So is it just a random blinky led circuit?

It’s an oscillator.

I’ve been teaching basic electronics and soldering for years. Trying different kits, different flows of the class…trying to get it perfect. I finally just gave up an made my own kit. Its designed for someone who has no idea about soldering and electronics to be successful, but still allow me to demonstrate basic electronics theory. This lil oscillator is perfect. V2.0 helps the flow of the class a lot more and has a few easier footprints. I really think I nailed it.

Next is the transistor class.


Oh… this is pic didn’t upload! This is the best part! This pretty lady finally gave up and let me teach her to solder, and her thing did the thing!


The boards worked out so well I ordered 100. Just arrived today