Barn Quilts

I have started making barn quilts. They’re 2’ square MDO painted with exterior house paint. (I have some aluminum composite sign material for future projects). The star pattern is a modern one called the Keepsake Star. The pinwheel design dates to prior to the Civil War and is known as Kansas Troubles. The Garden Committee approved them to be on display in the garden, I just have to finish sealing them first.

The trickiest part is getting the lines precise. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, but the green painter’s tape is my favorite method so far.


Those are really pretty @Sherry .It’s always interesting to see the barn quilts on actual barns but these days it seems that they’re being displayed in other ways a lot of the time. I’m sure part of it is that not everyone has a barn these days. LOL And a lot more people are interested in making them. Plus, of course, not everyone can drive around in the country looking for barn quilts. I’m looking forward to seeing your barn quilts in the garden.


I love these so much!! I’ve had some on my TO-DO list forever! Nice job!