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Hi all,

I was pretty new to woodworking (and Make ICT) when the pandemic broke out. I am slowly buying some equipment for my home shop. Don’t worry, I have no plans to cancel my membership, but it is clear that I need some tools. So here is the dilemma that I am hoping your collective experience can help with. I want to buy a bandsaw. Like a lot of people, funds are definitely a consideration, so I am trying to balance price vs needs. Three saws I am looking at:

Grizzly G0555LX - $625 w/ current shipping deal of $25
Laguna 14/10 - on sale for $1079 w/ free shipping
Jet JWBS-14SFX - on sale for $999 w/ free shipping

All three are 14" saws. The Grizzly has a low resaw capacity, but I can order a riser block if I find out I need more height. I would love to save a few dollars and order the Grizzly, but I am worried that 1hp is too little.The other two saws are 1-3/4hp, but are significantly more expensive.

Any advice, particularly on the hp question is appreciated.

My advice, start your resaw on a table saw. Get the a good cut on both edges, then a lower horsepower handsaw won’t have trouble.

Resawing completely on a band saw is great, but you’ll probably do it less than you think. At least, that’s been my experience. The table saw is my go-to tool for resawing.

Hope that helps.



Thanks for the quick reply Doug. I hadn’t thought about starting on the table saw. Interesting idea. My guess is that you are 100% correct that I won’t end up doing much resawing, and even then probably not really large stock. I’m also guess that a sharp blade and reasonable feed rate will easily make up for a few horsepower.

It’s really easy to get bogged down by the internet hype and all of the online chatter about “but what if…” and “if it ain’t powered by a small nuclear reactor, you won’t be able to cut anything.” Thanks for adding some logic.


I would also stress knowing what the different sizes mean. 14 inch V 18 inch. Riser Block. HP. Also consider the width of the blade and the various combinations of tooth combinations, All these will impact how your saw works on specific pieces of wood. The other thing to pay attention to is the Fence and shop crafted accessories to assist with the ability to cut accurately and safely

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Hi John. Thanks for sending the other considerations. I have read/watched several reviews of various saws I am considering. I am still on the fence whether those reviews were helpful or just adding to my confusion. LOL. In a perfect world I would zip down to Tulsa and get some first hand info…but as it were, I am buying blind. I also think it’s interesting that not all manufacturers agree on what 14" means. Oh, well. I think I have decided that 1 hp is not inherently under powered. Fence quality, and ideally the ability to switch between high and low, is definitely at the top of my list.

Thanks again.


Are you looking to add a wood lathe to your collection? I have one of these that has been collecting dust for a long time.

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I have zero experience with turning. I am focused on square things at the moment. I appreciate the offer though.

I will throw out that I am looking for a drill press (floor, not bench top) and a portable planer. I am willing to buy either of those used. I should probably start a separate thread asking about those items.

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I am also shopping for bandsaws and would suggest of the three that they would be my top 3 as well as the nicer 1000$ grizzly. With Make ICT available for re-sawing I am leaning toward the lower cost. Another one that popped up on my radar was used green powermatics from the 80’s.

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