band saw blade

Hello all!
This is my first time posting on this forum and im sorry to say its because i made a small snafu in the shop…while cutting a piece of cedar for one of my lathe projects, i inadvertently bent the blade to the saw. the piece of equipment has been locked out with a metal shop lockout such that no one can use the piece of equipment. i am so sorry for this! i have run a band saw multiple times making similar cuts to what i was making when the accident occurred and never once have i had one do that. i hope this message makes it to the correct powers that be. if any more questions arise feel free to contact me.

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The best replacement blade has been installed (though dull) and it’s ready for use. New blades are in the mail.

On a side note, thanks for coming clean about the error. Mistakes happen and I’m genuinely glad it didn’t lead to injury.

For those cutting anything that may roll, it’s wise to use the resaw jig; it’s perfect for logs and lathe work.

Also, green lumber tends to dull blades faster than dry wood. If you’re likely to mill a lot of green wood, I hope you’ll consider a yearly donation of a single blade to help offset this cost.

Stay safe, everybody!

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Good job on reporting the problem, and locking out the machine.

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