Badge didn’t work on lasers

I came into today, hosted by a current member, to use the lasers and my badge didn’t work to turn on either Mario or Luigi.
I know my membership isn’t current, but authorizations never expire. How can this be corrected?

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Hi, just wondering if there’s any update on this. My badge still didn’t work on either laser today.

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@IT TBH, I would expect your badge to be invalid if your membership is not active, would someone respond with what the policy is (and maybe include a link to that policy)?


The main directly applicable policy is that: " * Guests must complete appropriate training by an authorized instructor before use of restricted equipment."

So, implicitly a person once authorized on a piece of equipment continues to be authorized.

How that’s implemented when a piece of equipment is powered on via badge isn’t clear for either members who haven’t received a key, or for former members with or without a key.

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I don’t think that it is against any policy, but I know the technical reason why it doesn’t work. The same function is used to authenticate all the badge readers, and it will only authorize if the user is active. This could be changed by updating the server to add a way to specify whether or not each client requires the user to be active, but the guy who originally wrote the code didn’t consider that or was too lazy.