Badge Authorization on Lasers

Hey all, not sure who to raise this issue to, but thought this would be a place to connect with the right person.

I took Kim’s class on Nov 2nd, but my badge isn’t working when I try and turn the laser on. I get a few yellow light blinks and then back to red.

I emailed and about it. Dave was quick to reply and let me know its an IT issue. They have not responded to me, and I don’t see a forum area that would be relevant to IT issues.

Again, just hoping to get connected to the right person that can resolve this issue so I can use the lasers.


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I believe @kim has been working on getting that to happen sooner. Maybe your call for help will help move that process along.

I’m powerless. I click the button after the class, then there has to be some push on the IT side to get everybody active in the system. I’m really sorry.

@SteveO is there anything you can do? Another student sent me a text about it - I checked the authorization list and they’re both showing authorized.


Sorry, should work now.


Thanks! I’ll have a chance to try it out in the morning.

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