Bad print on Ender, 12:15 pm 5/11

Is it just a stringy mess, or is there a big glob stuck on the hotend?

Heck of a .stl file ya got there lol!

Looks like the pasta model printed just fine.

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sorry, I should have added more words: It’s not my print, there wasn’t contact information on the whiteboard so I thought whoever did it should see what was happening. there wasn’t a blob stuck to the head, there was a partial print that I suspect came unstuck from the bed.

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Cool, thanks. The print was definitely not oriented very well for successful printing.

Actually it looks like the printer had terrible air adhesion


I also had a print fail on Ender just now; there is still a small amount of PLA stuck to the head, I will go back tomorrow and heat it up again to try to get it off.

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