Awesome night!

Lately the forum has gotten me kind of bummed out. I love this place! It seemed that we may have lost sight of what our community is. Tonight showed me that sometimes what seems like a dark cloud is not rain and just a passing cloud.

Fully expecting to go in and cut some stuff on the laser and mess it up, I had one of the best experiences at the space tonight.

Steve(I have no idea what your last name is because I’m rude and just used you for your expertise lol) stayed later and totally helped me cut out a leaf for my son’s first birthday. He was patient, and acted 100% inline with what I hoped our makerspace would be when I joined in January. I totally owe you that hamburger!

I don’t know if we have some type of merit or “ata boy” system in place, but I give Steve 13 and 1/2 smiley face stickers and 1 piece of bubble gum! That currently maxes out my current system. lol

Thanks for the help!


We do recognize outstanding members at board meets, but we need to do more. Newsletter, start chart in the space, and ask our neighbouring businesses if they would like to give us thing to recognize our membership with for a job well done. I wish I got extra time in my life to persue every good idea that comes my way, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I hope someone else likes those ideas too and has the time and energy to make them come to life. I know I would appreciate it and a lot of our volunteers would too.


Thanks for sharing the good! I hate when everything is all out of sorts and people are cranky! Lets celebrate more good!


There’s a couple Steves who use the laser cutter but they’re both pretty cool :slight_smile:

I’ve found that MakeICT is great when we’re making things and helping each other with projects. We get along fabulously! When we just send each other emails and post on a forum, eh, different :slight_smile:

So if you ever feel stressed, go make something! That’s life advice, not just MakeICT.

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