August 25th Tulsa Maker Faire

Tulsa Maker Faire
I’d love to go to this but I don’t think I have the capacity this month. In the future I think we should as a group volunteer at other Faires . Work a couple hours side by side with makers at their Faires for a few hours and enjoy the rest of our time there instead of manning a booth. That would go a long way in making connections with spaces in other cities. Thoughts?

I think that’s a great idea.

Kez Cook

Board Member

@jameslancaster @pwhutchi @ladeana is this happening?? Do other people wanna join you?? bump bump! bump bump! :slight_smile:

I am down for a road trip. Are you driving us Patrick?

I think it sounds like fun and a good opportunity to learn how somebody else does it!

I’d be happy to drive.


Looking at planning my weekend, can I get some solid confirmations from folks about moving forward with hitting the road tomorrow? What time should we leave?

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Just tell me when to show up :slight_smile:

Who else wants to come? It should be fun, fun, fun (And don’t we all need a little fun?)

Yeah, until your daddy takes your T-Bird away. You younger readers can just ignore this.