Art workshops

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing some art workshops geared for middle/high school age kiddos. Things like hydro dipping, string art, maybe some polymer clay figures, etc. I wanted to see if there was any interest before I try my hand at my first class. Also any suggestions on a good art project is appropriated.


My daughter has a little, they may be interested.

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I liked string art a lot when I was that age… but that might have been the early 70’s :slight_smile:
I also had some fun classes with clay that we glazed and weaving. I think my sister did cake decorating at that age. We also did some Swedish lace? And made some type of Scandinavian cookies… I would suppose kids wouldn’t change so much those projects wouldn’t appeal… tie dying still appeals to my niece…

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I’m working with 5th graders on the Gen Steam project. They loved tye-dye and making patches with the embroidery machine. So I now know how to use the donated one.

I will probably do a tie dye workshop and maybe a quilling workshop as well.

I was wondering who maybe on the outreach committee. I’ve emailed Daryl Goad back in Sept to maybe join, but I have never heard anything back. I think having regular activities for younger makers will definitely be a great thing to incorporate into our community once we move.

I have a 13 year old myself and would love to get him more interested in Make.


I don’t know how active Daryl is actually. @David @Malissa what was the last updates from outreach. Perhaps the committee quietly fell through and needs new leadership

Daryl did not take an active role and @barb is still doing her thing. There were a couple people interested in this for our new committee leads. Anna may have been on the short list of people who submitted interest. I sent an email aTuesday night, hoping to get committees back on track.

Maybe we should do the committee thing with outreach.

@Malissa Yeah this is the main areas I was interested to be on the committee. I’ve only been a member for about a year so I haven’t really seen much discussion on when committee meetings are held.

I think we need to have a committee lead meeting like we do with the area leads so we can figure out how to help get them off the ground and some foundation. @AnnaD we’ve been leaving that up to the committee leads but as you can see it’s fallen off it’s wheels. I’ll send out a follow up to see who want to meet and when is best and get something on the calendar.


This is the first I was aware that there was interest in doing

My big problem has always been finding someone who would reliably
help with events. I seem to spend more time trying to find
volunteers than doing an event; sometimes at the last minute.

A lot of the activities mentioned are very possible, but I can’t
do it all.

I would love some help or to be someone’s helper.


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Hey Barb I would be interested in helping you as long as I’m aware of activity.
Angel Mejia


@barb the wiki still lists Daryl as the lead for outreach so I didn’t even know to contact you. I emailed him back in sept to try to be apart of the committee.

The classes I mentioned are ones I was planning to teach myself so don’t worry about having to do all the work yourself. It seems like I always am behind the ball with notifications that people need help, but I’ve been wanting to take a more active role in Make for awhile. With the new building, I can see so much more opportunities to reach out to the community.


I would definitely be interested in helping with that endeavor!!

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