Art, Maps and Treasure Box (Laser Cut)

Hey all! I’ve already introduced myself in the introductions section of the forum, but wanted to share some of the projects that I’ve created so far. I became an OFFICIAL keyed member last night at the Maker Monday and can’t wait to get started cutting even more projects!

The first is an art piece made from four layers of 1/4" Baltic Birch stained brown and blue. It measures about a foot by a foot and features a layered honeycomb design. The second layer piece is a flower made from the same material and size, but with seven layers. Still deciding what colors to stain this one.

The second is a map of Wichita (I can see my house from here!). Same material, spray painted white. I think if I were to do it again, I might make the street lines a little thicker as this one is pretty brittle.

The third project is a treasure map book box that I am currently putting together. This will be a treasure box for my 20 month old son. I’m having a little trouble with it as the little connector holes didn’t resize correctly when I resized the whole box. Beginners Error!

All projects were designed with Adobe Illustrator.


WOW!!! Gorgeous.

Thank you!

All are really cool but i love the last one!

Nice but that last one is awesome!!!
Thanks for sharing