Art Gallery Lighting Situation

Hey everyone. So I have an art exhibition that starts at the Candela space in the Lux in 10 days. A major issue we are running into right now is lighting. We would like something that highlights each individual piece of art. The only idea we have come up with so far is to use pedestals and a bunch of cheap walmart spotlights. Would anyone happen to have any ideas on how to approach this?
We’d like to keep the cost as low as possible, especially since this space is only temporary.

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They sell LED puck lights in most stores. They are cheap, of various sizes and can stick to a surface with no wiring needs. That would be what I would use

They run on batteries though. Many galleries have wiring from the ceiling.

mains voltage is very dangerous do not work on circuits when they are powered.

LEDs are current based parts.

But if you reverse it with too high a voltage it blows up. You need a pair of them to work together.

So if you put two diodes in opposed directions and then a resistor to limit the current. The leds will light up and not blow up. When you buy the LEDs it tells you what the forward voltage and optimal current is. Then you subtract the forward voltage from 120v and divide by the current requirement. That gives you the resistor size.

Ya know I wonder how much that would flicker…

There is this circuit too. I just fixed one of these for Malissa and Tarka it was a plug in led light with a magnet on the back

This doodad…

This is a temporary location, not sure if you are familiar with the Lux.

@deanday any words of wisdom?

“I have an art exhibition”: Are you showing 2d or 3d art or a combination of 2d and 3d? This affects your lighting lay. I would also add that 2d work implies that it will be on walls while 3d needs to be aware of the surroundings. 2d work is far easier to light!
The Candela Venue appears, form the venue promotional photos, to have a variety of lighting lays. I would suggest your show designer work with the Lux on lighting. From what I saw this should have a very good chance of solving your issues. If the Candela venue lighting is not enough then the additional lighting needs to blend with the show. For example cheap “clip lights” for a formal show will detract from the look, while they would be perfect for a grunge show…