Area lead sign up

Hello makers, at the November 15th board meeting we will decide who to appoint for our 2019 area leads.

Please use our signup form at

This form is to collect volunteers for:

  • Makerspace director & area leads: please sign up by November 8 so we have a week before the November 15th board meeting to pre-discuss.
  • Assistant area leads: to be appointed by leads after our board decision is made

Both outgoing and incoming area leads will be asked to attend the December 10th area lead meeting to work on transitioning and start the 2019 budget process.

I really believe that area leads are the most important people in our makerspace. I don’t know a single member who hasn’t been helped by one of them along the way of becoming a great maker. They keep our tools running smoothly and safely, they’re here for advice, they decide how each area can be the best it can be. If an area lead has helped you this year now is a great time to let them know you really appreciate them and want them to come back! If you see someone who would make a great lead for an area you’re passionate about, now is a great time to direct them towards the signup form! We are all area lead recruiters. The most important thing we can do as an organization is have the right leaders in the right places. New members may join for our tools, but we know that they stay for our people.

I want to keep this topic bumped up so reply with… whatever you want! What area leads are you thankful for? Existing area leads - what did you learn this year? What assistants do you need? How can we support you? 2019 will be another very exciting year and thank you in advance for volunteering.

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Scott and I did rock, paper, scissors at the board meeting and Scott is going to apply to be lead and I’l apply to be assistant lead in ceramics since we can’t be co-leads. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

And next year you’ll rotate

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Had some sign ups, thanks all!

One area that weighs on my mind a bit is the fab lab. It’s a lot of machines I realize but you’ll have lots of help. We are currently without a lead.

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Don’t forget. The deadline on this is fast approaching…
If you are someone who has one of the areas at the Makerspace that you adore, consider leading the area. You do not have to be an expert, just be a regular person who cares enough to want to improve the area that is your focus.

Also, if you are not ready to take a leap and be an area lead, you can sign up that you want to be an assistant in an area… that would let you contribute if you don’t have as much time as you think it would take…

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I would love a few assistance in textiles, or to train someone to take it.

The 15th is just 8 days away.

No sign ups for jewelry, fablab, or director yet.

If there’s no director we talked about having the area leads just vote themselves a director, since a big part of the director role is helping area leads. Run the area lead meeting, help them with processes, fill in as needed. Help the area leads lead areas so the board can leave them alone, basically.

Come on people… we don’t want these areas to die off…

But but I don’t think I am allowed to sign up for anything more :stuck_out_tongue:

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One thing we could do is allow people in current leadership positions to take an “Interim Lead” position in an area that is unfilled. One of their duties would be to find someone to serve as the permanent Lead.

I am sorry if I am a bit fuzzy on the director role but if we found a director would that be able to be one of their responsibilities?

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