Arduino kits?

I’ve decided to learn some Arduino. I’ve been coming by the makerspace right after work off and on for some days to get a better idea of what’s in the electronics lab. There’s a ton of these Texas Instruments Launchpad’s but i was curious if there are Arduino kits stashed in here somewhere too? If not, i can buy one. I’m just checking before i pull the trigger on purchasing one.

If I buy one, a friend suggested buying from this site.

Are there any recommendations from folks in our forum that have experience with these?


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I have been contemplating Arduino as well. I would be interested in a class on programming these, but haven’t seen one scheduled in a while. Not sure why I want to know Arduino, but the possibilities are fascinating.

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I was just talking about Arduino classes the other day. I’ve done several in the past, but it seemed that there weren’t enough people interested to offer it monthly. I’d be happy to do another one if there is interest.

Adafruit sells a lot of good stuff and it is well supported. Definitely not the cheapest. I typically get the cheap knockoff micros from ebay and the like. That way It’s not too sad when I let out the magic smoke.


The e lab doesn’t have arduino (but I can fix that) the launchpad works entirely differently but is still super useful as is the propeller boards you never hear of.

I second cheap micros. Sometimes they can be finicky, but you dont feel bad when things go south.


That would be great if you could teach a class @Christian . I’ve taken your laser cutter auth class and i like your teaching style.

@james.a.seymour if you buy some for the lab, that would save me from making any first time buyer mistakes. Once i had some experience with it then i could buy one from somewhere for home use possibly.

Also, it seems like someone else was just asking about Arduino in the forum a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps they’ll show up when the time is right.

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Thanks to someone mentioning it here, I recently got a Make Your Own Uno kit.

I have this idea to follow the kit for a more gentle introduction, then go more DIY-style.

I also might be helping with the lighting controls for the new chapel my parish is building, so need to know how to control a relay board or lighting contactor.

All of this is to say “I’m also interested in Arduino, and would likely show up to a class.”