Arduino/electronics class ideas

This seems like a wonderful project to incorporate into a class using both 3D printing and how to work with electronics/arduino.


For some reason I think this is right up @David’s alley. :slight_smile:


With the custom lighting that I do on motorcycles, I often get clients asking my opinion for what color accent lighting they should put on their bikes. I’ve been desperate to find a single RGB LED flashlight that I could use to show a client what his/her bike would look like with this or that color shining about their bike. The only RGB flashlights I’ve been able to find have a very limited color pallet to chose from…
I’m Now leaning towards making my own. Acquiring a single RGB LED is easy enough, I’m sure I have some in the garage. I’ve had the thought to repurpose an LED flashlight, or 3D print something of the sort. I’m also beginning to think an Arduino may be my best option to control this device…problem is, the only thing I know about 3D printing, is what a 3D printer looks like, and I don’t have a clue what an Arduino looks like. I’d love to get in on some classes for both…


Super idea. Anyone want to step up and help out Sempai? If you need to know how to get a class on the books at MakeICT, contact me, and I can help you!


I’m just getting into LEDs and arduino myself. I’ll attach a link to a video tutorial from one of the cosplay creators I follow. I do know you can buy programmable LED strips that come with a remote control or an app to control them with your phone on amazon. All you would have to do is create a light box how ever big you would like to hold them.


This is 100% the way I would go!

Put potentiometers to the analogue pins and write the color according to
what the analogue pins read. Later add some switches for some fancy pre
programmed color fading. Later on when you learn more you can convert it to
esp32 wifi and a lightweight app and then the whole thing is phone

I was thinking of doing this to my house actually so I wouldn’t have to put
up holaday lights each year. Just change the colors according to the

I’d start with something like this

The ws2821b has a library. I think adafruit put it out.

Put one side to 5v one to ground and the middle pin to your A pin on the

Then you can say like
X = analogueread(redpotpin)
Y = map( x , readlowestvalue, readhighestvalue, writelowestvalue,
writehighestvalue )
Then write y to your red channel in the ws2821b. The lows and highs you can
play with to see where they are.

Map is an underrated function in arduino IMHO…

Ask more questions if you need I don’t always explain things good


Yup…I totally didn’t understand a word u just said

No prob. I can break it down like Mc Hammer!

So we can start building this thing. Grab an arduino a led and a 330 ohm resistor. (I don’t know how familiar you are with arduino so I’m just starting at the beginning) load the Fade sketch. File - sketchbook - examples - analogue

The sketch is going to define a pin number that corresponds to a pin on your arduino. Pin 9 if memory serves. Actually there may be a … hold up…

Yea this ( )
Get this working first. Report back and we will take the next step together. :slight_smile: