Anyone Got a Dremel?

was hoping to try my hand at engraving stone. anyone got a Dremel i might nake use of while at the space? if so, reply here or text Kris at 913five8five06zero2


There used to be several Dremel kits for members to use in the ERP. (Electronics and Rapid Prototyping)

@Kez might know if they’re still around.

@Electronics ?


I think there’s three on the left hand side of the shelves that are now in the middle of the lab. To the left of the shelves marked for personal storage.
They’re in gray plastic snap boxes. Not to be confused with the computer repair kits that are also in gray plastics snap boxes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You’re welcome to use everything! Just please make sure when you’re done everything lands back nicely in their box-y homes and back on a shelf. :slight_smile:

Happy Making!


thank you very much!!

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There is a Fordham beside the jewelry work station. The engraving work is accomplished with the Fordham.

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