Anyone doing PLA filament reclaiming / PLA recycling?

I’ve accumulated a decent amount of random useless 3D prints and failed prints over the years that I’m looking to get rid of, but I’d hate to see it go to a landfill. If anyone is doing filament reclaiming or knows a place that does PLA recycling let me know and I will donate it anywhere near Wichita. I also have several empty spools if anyone wants to use them to make these organizers or something.

Thank you!


I already got a bunch of my own I told myself I was going to do something with, still haven’t

I’ve melted down a couple batches of PLA misprints, with the intention of machining them, but I don’t know what they would really be good for. There are voids in them and PLA isn’t necessarily the cleanest machining material. Might be good for shredding and using for injection molding, though.