Any Upcoming Vinyl Cutter Classes?

Good Evening All!
Are there any upcoming vinyl cutter classes? I’d walked past that thing a million times and never realized what it was, and I’d like to learn to use it. I’ve looked at the foreseeable future on the events calendar and I don’t see any, although it looks like I just missed one. The slides are only overviews and don’t really contain enough information to use the cutter. Or if someone is free an evening to show me how to use it, that would be even better, but I’m happy with whatever.

Same here, I’d like to learn also…

I’ll be adding classes for June soon, probably by the end of the day today. Any preferences on day/time?

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I’m game any time after 2:30PM

This is off topic here but…

I’m still missing some posts from Discourse via email. For instance, I didn’t get an email for the first post of this thread (5/20). I noticed this only because Jerome’s email referred to the original thread post that I didn’t receive.

This is all too common and has been happening consistently since I started using Discourse via email many months ago. This is the main reason why I’m generally not satisfied with Discourse. All I ask is that the email interface works on Discourse, but it still doesn’t work after all these many months and so I’m skeptical it ever will be reliable. I never had any problems like this with Google Groups. ;-(


That’s because it was sent during a period when emails were definitely broken. That issue has been resolved. I’ve been keeping an eye on the email performance, and that was the only case where I’ve been able to verify that emails were failing to send due to an issue with Discourse. Other missing emails that have been brought to my attention have been due to spam filters and user preferences. Do keep an eye out and let us know if you notice any other missing emails. The goal is for the Discourse mailing list mode to work just as reliably as the Google Group did.

The most recent email issue was fixed on May 23rd, so the original
message of this thread would have been within the 2 week or so period
where email wasn’t working.

Outside of that 2ish week period, I can’t say that I have missed an
email (at least not since the beginning when some bugs were being worked
out). Granted if I missed one, I might not know it.


Took a little longer than I planned, but I’ve posted a couple Vinyl cutter classes for June.