Any interest in stained glass?

Wife and I would love to get a group together when we get more room


I am intetested in learning stained glass process


Yes, I have researched the process and have planned to get the tools/materials once I can think of a project I want to make.

The foil tape method with soldering irons seems simple enough. I have also wanted to try to score the glass on the laser cutter.


Great idea on laser cutter my wife and I have made a few projects using foil method not experts but we do ok we got a rope saw and grinder as well as basic equipment we seem to end up with a few buckets of glass pieces I think it would be fun to combine some kind of glass and ceramic or clay to make mosaic designs

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Yay! I love glass art, I have done mosaic, but never stained glass with the lead soldering, etc. Definitely would be in on a group!


I’m also interested in stain glass art.

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Definitely interested, as well. I’d like some input, though…if we were to do stained glass, where does it best fit, equipment-wise and otherwise? Jewelry? Metal Shop? As its own area? If so, how much space and what equipment is needed?


Some of the item needed to get started.

Several soldering irons
Cutting tables 3 x 4 ft
Foil machine
Lead cane
Some flux to help flow
Glass cutter handheld
Some 5 gal. buckets for scrap glass( in case someone wants to do mosaic)

And of course glass

Additional equipment:
Grinder spindle
Rope saw
And glass racks for donated glass
I’m sure I’m missing something but this is a good start.
I would think it would be it’s own dept as it really dont fit with any other area, maybe jewelry
My shop at home is an 8x8 space but for several ppl it would be larger I’m sure


I think maybe a glass area… I have heard of some folks doing slumping and someone was wanting to do neon lights… not sure if that is more glass or more electronics… but it sure sounded cool to me…

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A Morton style surface would be helpful to keep folks from getting cut with glass shards when working on the tables and containing the mess. Also, some project boards - I recommend 16" by 24" - can be of plywood for assembly and soldering on. Will save wear and tear on any tables.

Beardens would probably let us have an empty crate - a fair amount of glass could be racked in one.


I would be interested in this. Has anyone figured out if you could do a class once we get to the new building?

Probably after we get settled will have to see about equipment as well

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Ok, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: