Annual meeting food and logistics thread

Hi Makers! Sunday’s annual meeting will be a great time for us to share a meal together :slight_smile: It would be nice to plan out who’s bringing what.

Here is a form you can fill out if you know what you want to bring:

Here is a spreadsheet where you can see what other people are bringing:

Nobody’s signed up yet except Shannon, who is an excellent planner.

I will bring plates cups forks napkins and bottled water.

If you are running for a board position could you be there by 4:15 to help with setup?

Could someone bring ice in cooler(s)?


I want to bring my husband’s potato salad, but he wants to make something different. So decision has to be made by tomorrow.

I would be glad to be there by 4:15 for setup.

I am going to bring cheese and crackers.

(I love buying lots of different cheeses and they get green when only I eat them.)

I dont really have a big cooler, so I am not the right person to bring ice… anything else we need to get… Maybe I could make some tea or something?

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I hope your getting all new cheese for this?

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You bet your sweet bippie.
(That is a reference to a very old TV show for your youngsters.)

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Could someone bring a nice camera and have talent for photography? I would really like to have some good group photos of EVERY member there together, and our leadership team.

This is our 5th annual meeting from what I can see, and we don’t get together for photos much, I know everyone hates it but 25 years from now we will be so happy we have us all together.

If anyone has time to dig for old annual meeting photos that’d be awesome too.

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I’ll bring a vegetable tray.

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I’ll bring dinner rolls with honey butter.

Kez Cook

Board Member

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I’m bring quinoa southwest salad made with chicken broth and feta cheese, and Peti Chips.

Could someone bring and set up a projector? Did we have a hotspot set up last year for wifi?

we have a 2nd projector in the classroom for this purpose.

I will bring a couple coolers filled with ice.

Here! The AC was already on so it’s nice and cool :slight_smile:
What did we project on last year? Could someone bring a projector screen?

We have a couple projector screens in one of the former studios at the makerspace.

Did we ever get confirmation on a WiFi hotspot?

Kez Cook

Board Member

So who made the cucumber dish? Any chance you’d share a recipe?


Sure. Glad You liked it.

1 Cup Sugar
1 1/2 Cups Rice vinegar
1 Cup water (hot water will help sugar dissolve)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 Tablespoon dried basil
dissolve sugar before adding onions and cucumbers.
1 onion, sliced thin
Cucumbers, sliced thin. (I used 5)

refrigerate over night.
Of course all can be adjusted to taste


I really liked it too :slight_smile:

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We talked a little at last night’s board meeting about what we liked/didn’t like about the annual meeting for next year :slight_smile:

Eating food first

Did not like:
90 minutes is not long enough. Add 15 minutes to sit and eat and socialize, 15 minutes so candidates aren’t as rushed.
Bigger announcement signs around the makerspace

Anyone have anything else they’d change about the meeting itself?

More people reporting out could be cool.