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So… during the last maker monday there was talk of blacksmithing and general forgery (the metal kind, not the criminal kind). Upon perusing the usual location for bad ideas i came across this:

Those of you with better understanding of Ohm and his laws, does this look practical for making metal hot or is it more likely to be a one time use smoke machine?

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nothing screams smoke machine at me… I don’t know if it’ll melt metal but I’d certainly interested in seeing it run.

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MakeICT is no stranger to induction heaters. I had one or two that I pushed to their limits to see what they were.

The idea (for those who don’t know) is to induce an ac voltage on the metal from the coil similar to how a q charger works. The Eddy currents heat the metal up and you can get them white hot if your math is right.

A fine project to pursue to be sure. Get some cheap units and play with them then just make them bigger.